Pacific Yacht Vacation - Dive & Cruise Charter

Tuamotus – Bora Bora – Moruroa

We invite you, your family and friends to join the motor yacht CALYPSO as it prepares to cruise one of finest yachting destinations of the world.

The Tuamotu Archipelago or the Tuamotu Islands are argueably some of the finest waters of the Pacific which are reachable, on a practical basis, by a luxury yacht. As a land chain consisting of approx 80 islands and atolls, this group of islands are the largest group of islands in the world. Wikipedia

Dive & Cruise Yacht Charter

You don’t have to be a die-hard diver to experience the enjoyment of the region. In fact, the casual snorkler or swimmer can equally enjoy first-hand, the varieties of the sea-life and island-life. The clarity of the water and the opportunities to explore the beaches, makes this a fantastic adventure of discovery.

If you are a serious diver, we can arrange itineraries that maximize your cruise with diving locations in mind. For those that just wish to casually snorkel and swim, yacht charterers / guests will have endless opportunities to mix activities for the day.

dive south pacific

The CALYPSO team has prepared a number of suggested itineraries, but charterers are invited to suggest their areas of interest and the daily activities they look forward to the most. Each individual charter is customized to ensure a memorable pacific yacht vacation experience.

  • 10 Day Charter Itinerary10 Days Diving & Cruising the South Pacific Tuamotu Archipelago. The Tuamotu Atolls have all the makings of a great adventure. Cruise Fakarava (North & South Pass), the coral atoll of Toau, Pakuria (or Taha-a-titi), Apataki, and Rangiroa
  • 7 Day Charter Itinerary7 Days Cruising Starting in Tahiti – Mor’orea, then to Huahine (“The Garden Island”), Ra’iatea (the second largest island in French Polynesia) and Taha’a (the “Vanilla Island”)

A Pacific Yacht Charter Vacation That Exceeds Your Expectations

CALYPSO’s crew is energetic, personable, professional and very experienced in managing a yacht to the world-class standards one would anticipate. Combined with the fantastic capabilities and layout of the yacht, all guests will be looking forward to their next trip aboard CALYPSO.

Scheduling Charters for the Pacific and Tuamotus Islands

For additional information and availability, please contact the yacht’s agent for complete details.

Stay tuned, as we continue to bring you CALYPSO updates along the way.