Southeast Asia – Cruising The Coasts of Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) within the Andaman Sea

M.Y. CALYPSO is now available for in Thailand and Myanmar

As some of the Southeast Asia’s finest cruising areas, Thailand and Myanmar offer the opportunity for guests to balance a charter vacation of adventure with the refinements of the highest standards of service and comfort.  The western coasts of Thailand and Myanmar are bordered by the Andaman Sea with much of the Myanmar coast still waiting to be discovered by the casual traveller. Thailand – Wikipedia | Myanmar – Wikipedia

Weather – A tropic’s cruise in the winter. Warm and Sunny.  Humidity is at it’s ebb.  Around Phuket the average temperature is between 73° (low) and 87° (high) and minimal rain.  Further north along the Myanmar coast and towards Myeik, the average daily temperature is between  72° (low) and 89° (high) and minimal rain.

Yacht CALYPSO will be available for yacht charters in Thailand and Myanmar (Southeast Asia) during the winter of 2019.

Andaman Sea & Andaman Islands

The archipelago of the Andaman islands separate the Andaman Sea from the Bengal Sea.  A charterer may to cruise the coasts of Thailand and Myanmar or may choose the more westerly destinations of the archipelago.  NOTE: Restrictions may apply. Some of the islands can be visited with permits, others including the North Sentinel island are banned to any entry. Andaman Islands – Wiki.

Picture postcard perfect surroundings aboard a yacht that brings the ameneties and services of the world’s finest hotel and resort.

thailand and myanmar yacht charters
thailand and myanmar yacht charters

As always, the CALYPSO team can make suggestions for a prepared itinerary, but charterers are invited to suggest their areas of interest and the daily activities they look forward to the most. Each individual charter is customized to ensure a memorable vacation experience.

A Tropical Yacht Charter That Will Exceed Your Expectations

CALYPSO’s crew is energetic, personable, professional and very experienced in managing a yacht to the world-class standards one would anticipate. Combined with the fantastic capabilities and layout of the yacht, all guests will be looking forward to their next trip aboard CALYPSO.

Scheduling Charters for the Thailand and Myanmar (Burma)

Booking Your Charter. For additional information and availability, please contact the yacht’s agent for complete details.

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