Graeme J. Brown

Nationality: New Zealand

Originally from New Zealand but now living in England, Captain Graeme has over 25 years experience in the marine industry. He has captained vessels carrying 600 passengers, moving up the ranks to navigating 80-meter motor yachts. In the many years of super yachting, Graeme has travelled extensively throughout the Eastern and Western Mediterranean, Caribbean, Bahamas, Central America, North Sea, Canada and the USA.

His early years were spent on the family farm, growing up amongst the rugged and secluded terrain of New Zealand’s South Island. He is sporty, having been a tennis coach, water ski instructor and being an avid diver. Crew are often attracted to his infectious and adventurous nature, being one of the first to plan a group tour or outing when docking into a new port.

Definitely the more reserved and humble individual, yet when the opportunity arises, he is a natural storyteller, entertaining anyone with the tales of his world adventures to anyone who will listen. His past times include hiking, house renovations, reading and eating!

Previous Yachts: M/Y Amphitrite, M/Y Vajoliroja, M/Y Simson S (Lone Ranger), M/Y Izanami, M/Y Sarita Si, M/Y Odalisque

Grade: MCA 3000GT Master of Yachts, New Zealand 500T Offshore Masters Captain’s License

Alastair Smal

Nationality: South African

Captain Alastair has been involved in the yachting industry for 15 years, working his way up from apprentice boat builder, delivery skipper, to captain on super yachts. He grew up in the coastal city of Durban, South Africa and found an early love of the ocean. He spent many weekends sailing, surfing, swimming and playing water polo, basically anything that involved water or the ocean. Having a master mariner as a father inspired Alastair to follow a similar path.

His career has taken him to most parts of the world including South Africa, the eastern and western Mediterranean, and Asia including China and Singapore, Central and South America, the east coast of the USA and the greater Caribbean and Bahamas. He has also traversed both the Suez and Panama canals.

In comparison to Graeme however, Alastair is larger than life, possessing a bodacious character. You can hear his infectious hearty laugh a mile away and his joyful energy is appreciated amongst the crew. He loves playing pranks on crewmembers at any given occasion. Alastair’s hobbies include surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding and scuba diving, watching rugby and playing squash.

Previous Yachts: M/Y Amphitrite, M/Y Vajoliroja, M/Y Ocean Mercury, M/Y Double Haven, M/Y Ambrosia 3, M/Y Sarita Si

Grade: MCA 3000GT Master of Yachts

Dayne Goldenbogen

Nationality: South African

First Mate Dayne grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. Passionate about water sports, he soon made it into the 1st team surfing squad at school and proudly swam for his province. On matriculating, Dayne studied photography, after which he moved to London for 2 years to explore the corporate world.

He got his first taste of yachting starting out as a deckhand and worked his way up to second officer of a 1000-ton vessel cruising the Mediterranean. He joined Loretta Ann as 1st Officer in 2014 and made the long trip from New Zealand to the USA via the Pacific Ocean and the Panama Canal.

Having his photography background allows him to shoot some incredible videos and edit them into short movies for owners and charter guests alike.

When time permits, Dayne’s other interests include rock climbing, scuba diving, kite surfing and photography. He also enjoys fishing, skiing and any other water sports.

Previous Yachts: M/Y Amphitrite, M/Y Vajoliroja, M/Y Loretta Ann, M/Y Adora

Grade: MCA 3000GT Chief Mate

Daniel Baker

Nationality: New Zealand

Born in Queenstown, New Zealand, Second Officer Daniel had a very active childhood, spending most of his days playing outdoors in the beautiful countryside. He joined the yachting industry in 2008 as a deckhand and moved onto MY Gloria Teresa two years later.

He has cruised extensively around the Eastern and Western Mediterranean for the last 9 years, and currently has an OOW and is working towards his Chief Mate. Daniel is very thoughtful and caring towards the crew. He is one of the quieter crewmembers on board but nevertheless enjoys some good banter from time to time. During his time off, Daniel spends it skiing, snorkelling, playing rugby and documenting his travels through his camera.

Previous Yachts: M/Y Istros, M/Y Gloria Teresa

Grade: Officer of the Watch (OOW)

David Freer

Nationality: New Zealand

David, a carpenter by trade, was employed during MY Calypso’s refit in Holland. He wants to explore the world and has travelled Thailand, Germany, France, Italy, Croatia and Austria, to only name a few. In the hope of scratching more countries off his bucket list, he decided that his next form of travel would be super yachts. He is very enthusiastic about yachting and hopes to build a career in the industry.

Born and raised in New Zealand, he grew up in Christchurch, spending most his days outside, playing rugby and cricket with his friends and family. Dave will make you laugh with his sharp wit and quick comebacks and he is a great help in the interior when any carpentry skills are needed. He has a great passion for old war movies and is an avid rugby and cricket fan.

Previous Yachts: M/Y Calypso

Grade: Master of Yachts 200GT

Morgan Symes


Nationality: Australia

Morgan grew up in sunny Australia giving her a passion for the ocean and offering her an active lifestyle. Being a qualified Padi open water instructor on the Great Barrier Reef, she got to teach a range of people diving from beginners to dive masters. The Ocean has always drawn her close and so Morgan decided to explore dive photography and worked on a dive boat for a little while. Growing passionate about photography led her to study photography for two years, snapping pictures at weddings, delving into landscape and fashion photography before landing on yachts.

When first meeting Morgan, the term ‘audacious’ may come to mind. Her bold character makes itself known as she enters a room, however, her unabashed nature is met with a warm and caring demeanour and it is hard not to like her. Her laugh and positive mood is infectious. Morgan’s hobbies include scuba diving, travelling, free diving, painting and she enjoys riding motorbikes.

Previous Yachts: M/Y Dilbar, M/Y Lady Christine, M/Y Seaflower

Grade: AMSA Masters under 24m

Andrew Pillari

Nationality: America

Andrew grew up between South Florida and California, where he spent much of his time on the water. Whilst working at an office for the summer, Andrew realised that the corporate world didn’t excite him. He longed for something less structured and wanted to travel more. This led him to find a job on board a yacht. After completing several courses he soon found himself on his first boat. MY Calypso is one of the biggest yachts he has worked on so far.

Andrew is the king of ‘dad jokes’ and is our token American, bringing a different energy into our team. He is part of the morning running team and likes to keep active.

Besides travelling the world and seeing new countries, Andrew loves fishing, scuba diving, playing and watching rugby, distance running and skydiving.

Previous Yachts: M/Y La Pellegrina, M/Y Paradise, M/Y Divas Del Mar

Grade: MCA 3000GT Chief Mate

James Spilsbury

Nationality: South Africa
Growing up near a large fresh water lake in Cape Town, South Africa, spurred his interest for sailing and water sports and offered him the chance to compete in regattas around South Africa, as well as offshore racing. From a young age, James was raised participating in a lot of activities; one such taught him the art of building aeroplanes. This led him to complete his pilot license and purchase a plane, which he flies whenever he is back home.

James’ easy-going nature and kindness makes him a likeable crewmember. A definite winner in any talent show, James is a jack-of-all-trades, as the more you get to know about him, the more talents and skills you discover. If his engineering background, sailing and flying skills aren’t enough, James also holds his Padi Advanced Open Water Diver certificate and enjoys diving whenever there is a chance and when time permits he is mountain biking, trail running or swimming.

Previous Yachts: M/Y Sylvia, M/Y Mirabella 3, M/Y Pereus, M/Y Iri, M/Y Amphitrite

Grade: Y2 Chief Engineer License

Lee Waldman

Nationality: British

Getting into yachting at the age of 17, Chief Engineer Lee has worked on a wide range of vessels from 144 GRT to 1,226 GRT including motor yachts and large sailing yachts. Lee completed 9 transatlantic crossings as well as cruising the Pacific, Caribbean, Mediterranean and Baltic Seas.

He was born in Kent, England but traded the United Kingdom for Canada, with its numerous lakes and maple trees. Nevertheless, the interior team make sure there is enough PG Tips and shortbread biscuits on board for his arrival, as Lee is still very English at heart.

He is known to love a good prank and is well liked amongst the crew. Taylor Swift is one of his loves and he can get into lengthy conversations about her if prompted. When not at sea Lee enjoys exploring the world by motorbike, hiking, camping and spending time at home with his dog.

Previous Yachts: M/Y Flying Fish, S/Y Antara, M/Y Yalla, M/Y Halycyon, M/Y Amphitrite

Grade: Y2 Chief Engineer License

David Kilduff

Nationality: New Zealand

David was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, where he was exposed to boating and the ocean from a young age. He started his Marine Engineering career at a super yacht building company, Alloy Yachts. Here he gained his level 5 Marine Systems Engineering qualifications, which led him to decide on jumping into the operational side of yachting and went on to complete his studies as a MEC3 Engineer.

After obtaining his Engineering degree he joined the super yacht industry on M/Y Oasis. He has travelled around the Mediterranean, West Coast of the USA and Caribbean.

Dave may be quiet but during a movie, he is the referee on the side lines, commenting about any unrealistic scene and giving us his opinion about it. He loves his ice coffees and is very efficient when it comes to fixing anything on board. In his spare time he enjoys water sports, diving, fishing or generally relaxing by the water.

Previous Yachts: M/Y Oasis, M/Y iDynasty, M/Y Calypso

Grade: Y2 Chief Engineer License

Nicole Solik

Nationality: Canadian
Originating from Kitchener, Ontario, Nicole loves food and her passion is noticeable in her dishes. She graduated at Cordon Bleu in Paris, which gave her a strong foundation in the French art and technique of cooking. Upon completing her Grande Diploma in Pastry and Cuisine, Nicole secured internships at 3 Michelin starred Le Meurice followed by Le Pre Catalan.

She then travelled back home to the Relais and Chateaux, Langdon Hall before her love of travel pulled her into yachting. From Vegan to gluten-free, Italian to Japanese she has a passion and perfection for all that she does.

She is self-assured and knows what she wants, producing dishes that are of quality and high standard. In addition, Nicole spoils us, adapting to crew preferences with no complaints, even if it may change every so often. Her hobbies include running, biking and swimming and her aim is to create a fresh and unforgettable experience with the best produce available.

Previous Yachts: M/Y Amphitrite, M/Y Lotus, M/Y Bluebird, M/Y Gloria, M/Y Teresa

Leo Hendra

Nationality: British

Leo was born in Southampton but grew up in London. He lives and breathes food and has done so from an early age. Deciding on getting a taste of the hospitality industry, he got a job in some of the best restaurant and hotel kitchens and worked his way up the ranks in the UK.

Leo worked for the 5 red star Limewood Hotel, which during his time there won the Relais Chateaux. Pollen Street Social Mayfair is one of the many top London restaurants Leo had the good fortune of working for, working alongside world-class chefs like Angela Hartnett.

It is no surprise then, that Leo was headhunted to work on board a private yacht and the owners private houses soon after. This gave him a taste of the yachting industry and he soon wanted to experience more, deciding on pursuing the yachting world full time, working on a range of motor yachts since.

Leo is so passionate about food that he even talks about it in his sleep, or so his cabin mates tell us. Blaring his tunes and doing a shimmy through the kitchen, he makes cooking look like fun and easy for those of us who do not share the same talents.

In his spare time Leo enjoys boxing, running and keeping fit. He also loves to travel and read about new foods and cultures, experiencing local cuisines and keeping up with modern food trends.

Previous Yachts: M/Y Virginian, M/Y 2 Ladies, M/Y Astrid Conroy

Miranda Hafeli

Nationality: Swiss

Miranda grew up in Switzerland and moved to South Africa in high school. Having travelled extensively since childhood with her parents, she moved to London at 20 and worked in the hospitality industry. Once England became too cold, Miranda moved back to sunny Cape Town and studied Journalism, which landed her a job in Media and Magazines, writing copy, as well as assisting and styling fashion and interior design shoots.

However, growing tired of the fashion and Media industry and longing for more travel, she packed all of her belongings and decided to explore the world of yachting six years ago.

Miranda is the newbie on board and has a passion for natural remedies and holistic living. In her spare time, Miranda likes to stay active, as well as sketch or being creative.

Previous Yachts: M/Y RC, M/Y Idyllwild, M/Y Larisa, M/Y Aldabra, M/Y Vicky

Katherine Delaney

Nationality: British

Katherine was born and raised in the lively city of Liverpool. She attended university where she completed her degree in sports science and dance, then continued to study for her masters in mentoring and coaching. She was drawn to the yachting due to her love of travel and wanted to explore the ocean after all those years of studying.

After completing her first season she was hooked. Completing 5 Atlantic crossings in her 5-year yachting career, she has definitely achieved her goal of travelling.

Katherine, known as Kat on board, has a flare for cocktails and has taken a number of courses to perfect her skills. She is always trying new concoctions and creations.

Kat is quiet but very creative, nurturing a love for fashion and managing to squeeze an array of clothes into her tiny cabin. Presently she is undertaking a personal training and nutrition course, which lends itself well when the crew need a kick in the butt and a new fitness regime, as Kat is the girl to talk to. In her spare time she enjoys reading, kite surfing and playing guitar.

Previous Yachts: M/Y Mary Jean 2, M/Y Elandess, M/Y Elada

Shelby Apap

Nationality: Australian
Shelby originates from Australia’s east coast. Completing a Bachelor of Science at one of Melbourne’s most prestigious universities, Her uncle’s tales and opportunities of his travels inspired Shelby to see what yachting was all about.

She has travelled the Caribbean and Mediterranean on her previous vessel and explored the West Coast of the USA, Canada and the Caribbean on Calypso.

Since finishing school she has been studying a Bachelor of Science at one of Melbourne’s most prestigious universities. She nurtures a love for animals and wildlife and hopes to one day be involved in animal care and rehabilitation.

Shelby is quiet and you will often find her nose-deep in a book. She likes to stay active and enjoys exploring new towns and cities. At present, Shelby is undertaking a photography course so she can record all her travel and adventures.

When time allows, Shelby is an outdoor girl, enjoying camping and hiking.

Previous Yachts: M/Y Amphitrite

Christina Breadmore

Nationality: British

Christina, also known as Chrissie on board, is from the beautiful English county of Somerset and grew up surrounded by her family and friends. Her passion for Holistic Therapy and Natural remedies started at a young age from her mother. Her first taste of a spa was at Charlton House Spa and Hotel after completing her Level 3 NVQ in Beauty Therapy and Diploma in Reflexology. She discovered yachting after completing two ski seasons in France as a beauty therapist/Host.

She travelled the Mediterranean on motor yachts providing a high range of service and beauty treatments. Chrissie also travelled around Asia as a personal make up artist and PA for a Classical Musician/Composer.

Chrissie makes one of the best cups of tea and it must be due to her English background. She is very giving, never asking for much in return. Chrissie is your go-to for any beauty and wellness products or treatments. She is trained in a range of beauty therapies to provide an unforgettable relaxing experience from Indian Head massages to Lava shell facials.

In her spare time she reads, travels, enjoys a healthy lifestyle and catching up with friends and family.

Previous Yachts: M/Y Pelorus, M/Y Go

Cleo Cargill

Nationality: New Zealand

Cleo was born and raised in the town of Lake Taupo, New Zealand. She attended New Zealands Broadcasting School where she completed a Bachelor of Broadcasting Communications in Television and Radio.

This led Cleo to work as a radio announcer and national radio promotions coordinator in New Zeland. She soon moved on to become a Territory Sale Rep for Coca Cola. In 2011 Cleo was in the Christchurch earthquake and so she decided to find some work abroad and completed two years as an Au pair in San Diego, California. She still gives back to the community whenever possible, by organising community and charity events when she is at home.

Cleo’s passion for the water and love of travelling drew her into the yachting industry. She is bubbly and probably one of the happiest people, hardly ever in a bad mood, always laughing and joking. Cleo brings a light-hearted energy into the team, which is refreshing and much appreciated.

Having grown up by Lake Taupo, Cleo is no stranger to the water and enjoys all water sports especially wakeboarding and white water rafting. Her hobbies include snowboarding, mountain biking, travelling and all aspects of film.

Previous Yachts: M/Y Auspicious, M/Y Symphony