- 14 Day - Fiji Yacht Charters

14 Day Fiji Itinerary Suggestions

Yacht CALYPSO will be available for charters in Fiji and the islands within the Fiji archipelago during the fall of 2018.

Each yacht charter itnerary is customized to the charter’s interests and scheduling.

Limited Availability.  Contact the yacht’s agent or a qualified charter broker for additional details.


Days 1 & 2:
Mamanuca Islands

20 minute drive over to Deneau Marina From Nadi International Airport. After a welcoming drink from Calypso we will head off to the Mamanuca Islands.

Here we have the option of 20 volcanic palm fringed islands. These islands are home to some of the best surfing and kitesurfing the globe has to offer, with shallow reefs and powder beaches.

This is also home to the “Cast Away” island.

Days 3 – 6:
Yasawa Islands

We will then venture into the traditional Yasawa Islands which is a relaxing 3.5 hour cruise.

The Yasawa consists of six main islands and numerous smaller islets. The archipelago, which stretches in a north-easterly direction for more than 80 kilometers with some of the most settled weather in Fiji.

Here there is kitesurfing, traditional dancing, great snorkeling, resort spa’s, big stalactite caves to kayak through and options for a private 4 course “Lovo” which is a traditional way of slow cooking under the ground -Delish!!

Days 7 – 8:
Vanua Levu Island

Then onto the Emerald Hills of Vanua Levu.

Here you can experience the tranquil healing temples, rainforest reserves, snorkeling, kitesurfing and natural volcanic hot springs.

Days 9 – 10:

Regarded as one of the most pristine islands in Fiji, Taveuniis often known as the world’s soft coral capital or Fiji’s Garden Island.

The primary feature of the island is volcanic peaks, acres of virgin rainforest, water activities (kitesurfing, snorkeling, natural rock slides, blow holes and stunning waterfalls)

Day 11:

The Makogai is a protected area for the giant clam re-seeding experiments.

Here you also have a turtle farm to visit and see how they protect these species.

These islands have great snorkeling and beautiful shallow reefs to kite, surf and sail the Pico’s.

Day 12:
Wakaya Island

This lush remote island offers great drift snorkeling, surf, pearly white powder sand beaches, small boutique spa and great scenic walks.

This island is protected by a healthy reef making home for over 50 species of fish.

This island has a historic of organic pink Fijian ginger, Kosher sea salt and organic Turmeric.

Day 13:

This small island on the south side of the main land has great beach walks, very popular dive site and a great way to relax after a action packed 13 days of cruising.

Here all the action is right off the stern of the boat with kayaking, snorkeling, Seabob’s, pico’s and even wake-boarding.

Day 14:

This finds us back on the south eastern side of the main island island, only a short distance cruise back to Denarau Marina.

This island is home to some of the best surfing and kitesurfing around the world.

Home to a shallow reef, power sand beaches and pristine water.

You could easily spend a few days here.

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