Indian Ocean - Maldive & Seychelle Islands

Maldives Cruising

Consisting of over 1,000 islands and 25 atolls, spread over 35,000 square miles, the Maldives Islands offer a cruising paradise of lightly populated islands and pristine marine ecosystems. Approximately 500 miles southwest of Sri Lanka, the the Maldives are consistently acclaimed for some of the finest beaches in the world and being one of the finest destinations of any type, in Asia.

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Seychelles Cruising

Consisting of approximately 155 islands, other nearby island countries include; Comoros, Madagascar, and Mauritius.

Like the Maldives, the Seychelle Islands are noted for pristine beaches and water with vistually endless cruising. Unlike the Maldives, the islands are a mix of flat terrain and mountainous and vegitated hillsides. Wildlife and sealife is diverse. In fact, retention of the bio-diversity and eco-systems are national and international objectives.

Please contact the yacht’s agent for specific cruising schedules and itineraries.